There is a saying that goes there is no better time than the present, and that most certainly applies to online bingo players that have yet to open an account at Moon Bingo or existing players that have yet to make a deposit. A force to be reckon with ever since their inception, Moon Bingo is pulling out all the stops with their brand new dual Kachinga promotion.

First up is the Kachinga promotion that will enable Moon Bingo players that go on to make their first deposit win up to £10,000 in bonuses. This is how it works. Players who make at least a £10 deposit, they will receive the regular 200% welcome bonus, meaning they will have £30 to play with. But they will also receive a free coin to drop in one of four coin slots so they can claim an extra free bonus. There are 12 possible outcomes, with bonuses ranging from £10-£100 and from £500-£10,000 and in case a player hits one of the two Mega Jackpot pins, they will double the jackpot prize.

The second version of Kachinga, the Kachinga Deluxe promotion, is designed to reward all those Moon Bingo players that go on to make at least £40 in deposits throughout the week. Just like Kachinga, players will receive one coin to drop from one of the four slots in order to see how many loyalty points they have won. Once again, there are 12 possible outcomes, and players can win anything from 100 points up to 20,000 points or even 500,000 and 1 million points. All deposits are subject to the regular redeposit bonuses offered by Moon Bingo.

So if you are new to online bingo and want to make the most of your money, or an existing Moon Bingo player that wants to win thousands of loyalty points, Moon Bingo has your covered either way.

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