We are still a week away from Valentine’s Day, but Bobs Bingo is the perfect place to unearth some Love Codes so you can grab some extra bonuses on your deposits, while the monthly Wagers’ Crush competition will inflate your bingo accounts with extra cash and bonuses. And who knows, you might even walk away with a brand new laptop, a mobile phone or additional cash prizes.

Today Tuesday February 7th, also known as Propose Day at Bobs Bingo, all deposits of £30 and over will be eligible for an extra 25% bonus, while all deposits of £25 and over between February 8th-9th, otherwise known as Chocolate Day, will be subject to a 10% cash back bonus. Then on Friday February 10th, Teddy Day will reward all players that go on to make a £50 deposit with an extra 50% bonus. All of these bonus offers come over and above the regular bonuses players can expect to receive for making a deposit.

The Wagers’ Crush competition will reward every week, all those players at Bobs Bingo that wager the most on online bingo games and the players to have wagered the most across the online slot games. The top five players from each of the two categories will receive the following prizes: 1st place on slots will get £250 in real cash, 2nd place will receive £200, 3rd place will receive £150, 4th place will receive £100 and 5th place player will receive £50. The payout is exactly the same for the players to wager the most across online bingo, with the only exception being that their prizes come in the form of bonuses and not real cash.

Additionally, at the end of the month, the players to have wagered the most throughout the month of February, will receive the following prizes; 1st prize is a laptop, 2nd prize is 2 mobile phones for 2 winners and 3rd prize is a £1,000 cash prize pool which will be shared equally amongst 3 winners. The monthly winners will be announced on Friday March 2nd.

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