If there’s one thing I am biased to is online bingo, and if there is another thing that tickles my fancy is to play online bingo games without having to worry what the outcome will be. Now if you put both elements together, you most certainly have a winning bingo promotion. Now that is exactly what the bingo site of Bet365 Bingo will be offering from Sunday January 15th until Thursday January 19th.

The No Lose Bingo Games will be available in the Jetsetter bingo room every day from 6:12pm until 10:42pm with a total of £500 cash prize pool spread across 10 online bingo games that will play in 30 minute intervals. If you happen to try out these games, but you fail to win on any of the scheduled games, Bet365 Bingo will refund the cash bets you made on these games the following day. The refund will come in the form of bonus funds, with the maximum bonus capped at £2 per game.

Card prices for these games start from as little as 10p each and since there are £500 up for grabs on a daily basis, why don’t you load up your cards so you can maximize your chances of winning. Make sure you give yourself the best possible chance of landing a great prize, since you simply have nothing to lose, it’s simply No Lose Bingo.

Right now, Bet365 Bingo has one of the most attractive welcome bonuses in the industry, with a free £25 bonus which is released once a player makes a small £5 deposit and uses that money to purchase bingo cards. The £25 bonus can be used to play more bingo games, and with a series of bargain bingo games available daily at Bet365 Bingo, players are only a few minutes away from enjoying countless hours of great and fun bingo games.

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