What a week is bound to be at the still relatively newcomer online bingo site of Gossip Bingo, as week 2 of their January Sales bingo promotion starts today Thursday January 12th and runs until Wednesday January 18th. Members at Gossip Bingo will be able to play their huge guaranteed online bingo games at a lower cost, while the jackpots remain unchanged, grabs some huge bonuses and take part in their cash giveaway instant games promotion.

Tonight, the Kiss and Tell bingo game, that plays every Thursday at 8:30pm and features a fixed jackpot worth £600 can be won by spending only 15p. That is how much each ticket costs, which is down from the regular 25p price, that is a 40% discount for each ticket purchased. Then on Saturday January 14th, the Soapstar Saturday bingo game will take place at 8:30pm and the must go jackpot of £600 can be scooped for only 15p. Once again, Gossip Bingo is giving their members a 40% discount on this game, as the regular price per ticket is 25p.

Then a massive Bonus Bonanza will take place on Monday January 16th, which is the perfect remedy to help everyone kick start their week and get rid of the Monday blues. Any deposit made between 6pm-10pm on that day will be eligible for a 100% bonus, members must however remember to use the bonus code SHOP in order to trigger this particular bonus. Then on the last Friday of the month, January 27th, the notorious Fame and Fortune game that has a stunning £1 million sliding jackpot, with a minimum guaranteed jackpot worth £2,000, can be played at a cost of 15p. That is a 50% discount, as tickets normally cost 30p.

Moreover, between January 12th and midnight January 18th, the Great Cash Giveaway promotion will give to the top instant games player a £100 real cash prize. To make it to the top of the leaderboard, players will receive 1 tournament point for every £25 they wager on one of the instant games available at Gossip Bingo.

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