The bingo site of Bingo Street has done it again, lining up a flurry of online bingo promotions over the course of the next few days, that will cheer you up and help you pay some of the bills coming your way at the end of the month. The biggest online bingo game of the weekend comes courtesy of the £500 Spruce Up game that takes place on Sunday January 29th at 9:15pm.

This penny bingo game that will play on the 90 ball bingo variant features a massive £500 cash prize, and with three different chances of winning one the jackpots, you better make sure you load up your cards to give yourself the best possible chance of winning. Even if you max out at 96 cards, with each card costing 1p, it will still set you back less than a pound. The Full House winner will receive £225, the two line winner will receive £150 and the one line winner will receive £125. Cards can be purchased in advance and can be found in the room under the Superbingomarket tab.

Every Friday, amongst other things at Bingo Street, you can also play the Cash Cottage Sliding Jackpot games, for your chance to win anything between £30 and £500. These games play on the hour mark from 6pm-11pm in the Cheap as Chips bingo room, while cards cost only 5p each and can be purchased before the start of the game. If you cover your bingo card in 48 numbers or less you will get to take home the £500 jackpot, while a minimum £30 jackpot is up for grabs when you call bingo in 56 numbers. The jackpot prize will be determined based on how many numbers have been called out by the bingo caller. The maximum number of cards for these games is capped at 96.

As it is the last Friday of the month, don’t forget to play the £3k Cash Checkout game at 9:30pm where for 5p you can win a share of the £3,000 prize. The Full House jackpot is worth a massive £1,250, the two line jackpot a huge £1,000 and the one line jackpot a cool £750. You can pre-buy your cards now and if you feel lucky, why not purchase up to 96 cards and scoop the biggest prize on the line.

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