One of the biggest guaranteed jackpot games this holiday season at Bingo Street is the £1k Noel online bingo game that will play on Christmas Day, Sunday December 25th. The game will play at 9:30pm, well after your delicious Xmas dinner is over, and will feature a fixed pot worth £1,000. So why not relax, enjoy some dinner leftovers along with a glass of sweet sherry and win some cash.

But Bingo Street is feeling more generous than before, so they are giving you the chance to win free tickets into the £1k Noel game by completing the following actions that will earn you some Noel points. For every 500 points you accumulate, you will receive one free card into the game. Here is how you can start earning points; call bingo on the Golden Ticket pattern and win 500 points, post a comment on the Bingo Street Facebook page telling them what your favourite Xmas Day will entail and get another 250 points, every time you wager 50p on either 90 ball or 75 ball bingo games you will get 125 points, deposit and wager £5 and get another 25 points, bingo on any 90 ball game and get 25 points, call bingo on the number 25 and get 25 points, bingo on the Xmas Tree or the Xmas Candy patterns and get 25 points and finally, 1 point will be earned for every £5 wagered on any instant game.

You have until Sunday December 18th to earn as many free cards as possible, after that, if you want to increase your chances of winning, you can purchase cards at a cost of only 40p each, while the maximum number of cards allowed is 72. The Full House winner of the game will win £500, the two line winner will get £300 and the one line winner will receive £200.

In addition, Bingo Street will be giving away more free cards for this game, so make sure you watch out for the Golden Ticket pattern bingo game to play, or read the weekend newsletter for more details. Once this game is played, stick around, as Bingo Street will feature some nice bingo games with card prices ranging from 5p-40p, while the Chat Hosts will play chat games with double chat points.

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