The bingo site of Tombola Bingo has decided to start the Christmas celebrations a little bit early this year, by giving their players the chance to win bonuses and real cash by simply playing online bingo games. There is no hidden agenda with the Advent Calendar that Tombola Bingo has launched, it is very easy, play and win.

Starting from today, players are guaranteed to win a £5 bonus if they play every day from today until December 24th. There are a bunch of prizes, it can be £5 in bonuses or it can very well be £10, £20, £50, £100, £500, £1000 or even a staggering £5,000 in real cash. Moreover, players can also win more than one prize during the Advent Calendar promotion. All players have to do is stake £2 using real money and not bonus money on Tombola and they will be eligible for this promotion. After that, they need to find the date to reveal the symbol and under each chocolate symbol there is a prize value, players who match any three of the white or milk chocolate symbols will win that prize.

As it is customary here, we like to give a big shout out to players that have managed to win some big jackpots while playing at Tombola Bingo. A big mention goes out to the player with the alias “xxneverawinnerxx” who might want to change her alias now that she did win a huge £5,000 Roller-Coaster jackpot. The lucky lady from Doncaster had this to say about her huge win: “OMG, where do I start apart from being utterly shocked, I never thought it would happen to me but it did. A massive thank you to Tombola and my friends, they were so great and wishing me many congratulation, this means so much to me and my family as my car blew up last week so I am going to get a new car and spoil our kids at Christmas.”

The player also known as “Ruby28” also managed a £500 win when playing the Roller-Coaster game and was happy to say: “Many thanks for my jackpot win. I was down to my last pound and couldn’t believe it when I won. I had some very sad news the day before, so the win helped cheer me up. We will certainly be having a good Christmas this year.”

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