In the newest round of online bingo promotions, a modern and elegant set of stainless steel Swarovski Candle Holders is up for grabs at the UK bingo site of Bingo Street. This beautiful prize that will complement any room of the house will go to the player that calls bingo the most times on the Bonfire pattern between Thursday November 3rd until Sunday November 6th.

The Quality Treats 75 ball online bingo game will also play on Thursday November 3rd at 9:15pm with the prize being High Street shopping vouchers worth £100. On Saturday November 5th, the £500 Weekly Special will take place at 9:30pm and tickets cost just 5p each. The 90 ball game features £100 prize for the one line jackpot, £150 prize for the two line jackpot while the Full House prize is worth £250.

Bingo Street have also taken the time to announce some massive online bingo games that they have lined up to play in the next few weeks. First on Friday November 25th at 9:30pm, the £5k Cash Checkout game will play on the Swedish version of the 75 ball bingo game, meaning this game will have 5 winners. The one line winner will win £250, the two line winner will get £500, the three line winner will win £750, the four line winner will scoop £1,500 and the Full House winner will get a striking £2,000 jackpot.

Then on Saturday December 3rd at 9:45pm, Bingo Street players will be able to play bingo online for the Fiery £500 game. This is a brand new 75 ball game that will reward the first player to call bingo on the Blackout coverall with a £300 cash prize, while players with cards that stood at 1TG and 2TG before the Full House win will get to share a £200 cash prize pool. Players can pre-buy their 10p tickets now so they can watch the game play later in December.

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