To call the newly launched online bingo promotion of Snowballing Jackpots great is an understatement, since it dishes out £50,000 in guaranteed jackpots. The new promotion from William Hill Bingo starts today Wednesday November 30th and will conclude on Saturday December 24th with two separate jackpot prizes up for grabs every day.

The £1,000 Daily Snowball Jackpot will play every day for the next 25 days in both the Main Room and the Community Room where the fixed jackpot prize will be on the line from 10am onwards. But William Hill Bingo is making these games a lot more interesting by increasing the ball call number to jackpot by one every hour. In order for players to scoop the £1,000 Snowball Jackpot they must call bingo in 30 numbers or less, but then at 10am that number will go up to 31, at 11am it will go up to 32 and so on until the prize is won.

During the same promotional period, William Hill Bingo is adding another jackpot to its schedule, the Progressive Snowball Prize Jackpot that can only be found in the Community Room and the Main Room. The progressive prize of the jackpot will start at £1,000 and can be scooped in 30 balls or less. In case the prize isn’t won one day, both the prize and the ball call number will snowball and increase every day. So the following day, the jackpot prize will go up by £1,000 but so will the ball call number to jackpot, which makes an even bigger jackpot a lot easier to be won.

A big shout out should also go out to the player with the nickname “Davidwacr” who won a stunning £53,584.70 progressive jackpot while playing the Mafia Millions online slots machine. The player who likes to spin the reels while dabbing his bingo cards did admit that he has been trying to win the Big Top Tombola jackpot, but he is more than happy with his new found fortune that will change his life forever.

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