If you are a regular player at the well respected UK bingo site of Mecca Bingo, then you will love what they have in store for you this week. Simply spend £40 on any online bingo games between November 7th and November 10th, and you will qualify to play for your chance to win a share of £11,111 in free online bingo jackpots on Friday November 11th.

The games will play between 7pm-9pm in the £11k Private Bingo Room and will feature a combination of both free bingo games and Superbooks, bringing the total prize pool to a stunning £11,111, that will be spread over 21 bingo games. Moreover, since Mecca Bingo is all about charity and helping out altruistic organizations, they will donate 40p for every £1 spent during the last game of the evening, so 40% of the proceeds will be going towards the Royal British Legion in order to commemorate Remembrance Day. If you qualify for this great bingo promotion, Mecca Bingo will email you accordingly, while the doors to the bingo room will open 10 minutes prior to the start of the first game.

This November, Mecca Bingo are doing their duty by upping the ante and offering you a colossal £300,000 worth of Superbooks Jackpots every week. That is £15,000 every day for a total of £60,000 every week. There are a total of 5 bingo games that play every hour, between 6pm-10pm, in the Club Bingo Room throughout November.

You can play these games for free, or alternatively you can trade your free tickets for Superbooks at a cost of only 15p, for your chance to win even bigger jackpot prizes. The first game of the night will feature a £1,000 jackpot, the second one will hold a £2,000 prize, the third one will have a bigger £3,000 pot, the fourth game will dish out £4,000, while the last game will have a massive £5,000 prize pot.

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