Costa Bingo will most certainly get a standing ovation from their members, as their latest promotion is absolutely huge. Sunny’s £50,000 Scratch and Win Giveaway will run for four weeks, between Monday November 7th and Sunday December 4th, and Costa Bingo members can win a share of either real cash or bonus cash.

When a Costa Bingo member enters the game lobby, they will be able to find a new tab called Scratch and Win. In there, every day of the week, they will be able to scratch the card and the panel will reveal either one of the following letters, B-I-N-G-O, the Costa Bingo logo or the Palm Tree symbol. The aim of each member is to spell the word BINGO by Sunday, while depending on the number of times each member was able to reveal the word at the end of the promotional period, a stunning £10,000 jackpot can be up for grabs.

The Scratch and Win Giveaway payout table is as follows:

Reveal the word BINGO once and get £5 in bonus cash

Reveal the word BINGO twice and get £10 in bonus cash

Reveal the word BINGO thrice and get £500 in real cash

Reveal the word BINGO four times and get £10,000 in real cash

But Costa Bingo has another surprise for those members that go on to reveal Sunny’s logo when they scratch their scratch card. Every time they do so, they will win an instant prize, which can range from Costa Points up to £1,000 in real cash. Any instant prizes will be paid out on the same day, while BINGO wins will be carried over and paid out on Tuesday December 6th. The Scratch and Win tab will be visible every day from 7am onwards, but please bear in mind that you must wager at least £1 or more the day before in order to gain access into the tab.

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