We all know that in the online bingo world, search engine optimization, which leads to better visibility on search engine giant Google, is of the utmost importance. Now, a new research by Greenlight, an award winning search engine marketing agency in London, that was carried out on behalf of EGR Magazine, revealed some big trends for the month of June 2011.

According to the research, Foxy Bingo has lost bragging rights as the most visible UK bingo brand on bingo related searches on Google.co.uk this past June, as it was overtaken by Bingo.com. The last time Greenlight carried out the same study, back in April 2011, Foxy Bingo had 76% and Bingo.com had 61% visibility on the first page of results, while three months later, figures showed 64% and 68% visibility respectively. The figures are based on searches made on Google.co.uk, which is by far the most dominant search engine in the United Kingdom, accounting for 90% of all web searches.

Search engine optimization, aka SEO, has become an incredible asset in the very competitive online bingo landscape, but nobody should rest on their laurels. Dream Bingo managed to drop from second place all the way to sixth place, with only a 44% visibility score, while Mecca Bingo also experienced a sharp decline, down three places, from fourth to seventh. Benefiting at the expense of the two aforementioned brands, was the likes of Littlewoods Bingo, Gala Bingo and Wink Bingo, all gaining valuable visibility and increasing their exposure, as they now occupy positions 3 to 5.

Jumping into the top ten for the first time ever was 888Ladies Bingo with a 19% saturation, while sister site 888.com experience a massive fall, going down from 8th place to 15th place. But probably most alarming for 888.com must be the fact that their saturation score dropped from 33% all the way to just 9%. Granted, some bingo sites would take that score any time of the day, but for such a giant, those numbers are probably unacceptable.

According to Greenlight, a total of 515,000 bingo related searches were made during the period, but the word “bingo” accounted for 48% of the searches, while the second most popular word was “free bingo” which accounted for just 10% of the searches. A similar study was also carried out for the online casino scene, which showed that the most visible online casinos in Britain are 888, Spin Palace and William Hill Casino.

Here is the full list of the top 20 most visible websites for UK web users in June 2011 – numbers in brackets reflect the percent of first page results.

1. Bingo.com (68%)                                                             11. FreeBingo.co.uk (17%)

2. Foxy Bingo (64%)                                                            12. Unlucky For Some (12%)

3. Littlewoods Bingo (49%)                                                 13. FreeBingo.net (11%)

4. Gala Bingo (47%)                                                            14. Bingo Hideout (11%)

5. Wink Bingo (47%)                                                           15. 888.com (9%)

6. Dream Bingo (44%)                                                        16. Loquax (8%)

7. Mecca Bingo (44%)                                                         17. Bingo Player Online (8%)

8. Bingo Port (38%)                                                            18. Online Bingo.co.uk (8%)

9. Tombola Bingo (20%)                                                     19. Bingo Street (8%)

10. 888Ladies Bingo (19%)                                                20. Cheeky Bingo (7%)