Well, look which bingo site has officially entered the Halloween inspired month with a new promotion. Fancy Bingo has announced their £1,000 Fancy Hatter Halloween Frenzy promotion that will run until Sunday October 30th and reach a climax on Monday October 31st at 6pm where an online bingo game will play with a guaranteed £1,000 jackpot.

Now, if you wish you can buy your tickets for this game at a cost of £5 each, which sounds absolutely ridiculous, no matter how big that jackpot is. But that is why Fancy Bingo, which is known for their cheap bingo games, but that do come with a big prizes, is giving their players the opportunity to win free tickets for the game by simply playing online bingo and instant games throughout the month. For every 1,000 points collected, a player will get one free bingo ticket, while there are numerous ways to earn points. Here is how you can collect them:

Every time someone calls bingo on the lucky number 31 they will get 1,000 points

For every online bingo win on the H pattern a player will get 1,000 points

Every bingo win will reward that player with 50 points

For every £1 bet on any instant game the player will get 5 points and

For every £1 bet on any online bingo game the player will earn another 5 points

As you can see, there are plenty of ways and time to start earning those points so you can claim your tickets for the grand bingo game for free. The Hatter Leaderboard will come in handy as it will help everyone keep an eye on their progress and how many points they have accumulated so far. The Mad Hatter Game will be a 90 ball game so the £1,000 prize will be split as follows; Full House winner will win £500, the two line winner will get £300 and the one line winner will scoop £200.

Collect £5 No Deposit Needed Bonus at Fancy Bingo