Who doesn’t like a good old Indian takeaway now and then to get those culinary juices flowing? Well with that in mind, Tasty Bingo has launched a new promotion giving you the opportunity to play at your favourite bingo site and win cash, joy points and gift cards.

The Tandoori Treat dish will see the top two Tasty Bingo players that go on to wager the most across any online bingo games and instant games combined win a £30 cash prize each. In addition, on Thursday September 8th, check out the Tasty Bingo Facebook site to see how you can win a share of 10,000 joy points. The Majestic Masala competition will run from Friday September 9th until Saturday September 10th and will reward the top player that stakes the most on the Enchanted Prince mini game with a Taste UK restaurant gift card. The winner can choose to receive the equivalent of the prize in bingo funds especially if they reside outside the UK.

Finally, on Sunday September 11th, play online bingo games as much as you can and call bingo on the Star pattern as many times as you can, because the winner will get to take home a £20 cash prize thanks to the Starry Samosa competition.

Don’t forget that today, Wednesday September 7th and every Wednesday you can play the brand new bingo game called £500 Golden Delicious. In a nice twist, the full house winner will scoop £100 while the rest of the players with one number to go before the full house win will get to share £400, meaning that one or more players that didn’t actually win the game can end up with more money than the eventual winner. The game plays at 9pm and you can pre-buy your 50p cards now from the pre-buys tab within the Tasty Bingo lobby. You can purchase up to 72 cards while the winner will be the first to bingo on the Apple pattern.

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