It wasn’t that long ago that we were talking about the launch of yet another exclusive game at Tombola Bingo, but time has gone by so fast, and now Hamster Race is celebrating its 1st birthday with a special party. Tonight Wednesday September 7th, you can meet all the furry hamsters between 6pm and midnight and play Tombola’s version of the Grand National where you can bet on up to 4 hamsters per race for only 50p a bet.

Since every hamster has a different prize hidden behind it, depending on which one wins the race, players will win the respective amount. There are 8 hamsters to choose from, so each player stands a pretty good chance of winning. On a regular night, players can choose to bet either 25p, 50p, £1 or £2, which means the prize will vary based on the amount wagered. Hamster Race is a fun way to meet Spike and Tiny, one of the many hamsters, and chat with your fellow bingo buddies while you wait to see who wins the races.

Last week, two new players at Tombola Bingo ended up winning some healthy jackpots while playing bingo 80 and the Cinco game. The player known as “magsda” from Nottingham wasn’t even at her computer when she won the £500 bingo 80 jackpot on Saturday August 20th: “I missed seeing my win as I went to check my emails, so when I saw my balance I went to clean my glasses. The roomies at Tombola are always generous with congratulations.”

A few days later, on Tuesday August 23rd, the player with the nickname “loud4dean06” from Sunderland scooped a £1,000 jackpot while playing the game of Cinco. The winning player was very happy to say: “I couldn’t believe my eyes when the prize came up and I realized it was a jackpot. Now I can hopefully spend a bit lounging in the sun next to the pool abroad.”

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