This coming Thursday August 25th, Tombola Bingo is urging you to throw your umbrellas and your raincoats into the cupboard and stay indoors to play their fascinating Full House online bingo games that feature £3,000 guaranteed jackpot prizes. The question here is, did you actually need Tombola Bingo to twist your arm to come and play these bingo games?

There are a total of three £3,000 Full House links games playing once at 8pm, once at 9pm and once at 10pm in bingo 90, by far the most popular bingo variant amongst the Tombola Bingo crowd. Adding to the excitement, between 8pm-10pm, you can still win the 90 ball progressive bingo jackpot while you are playing these awesome games and making the games accessible to everyone, Tombola Bingo is only charging you 10p per ticket. The pre-purchase option is available so feel free to buy your tickets now.

Tombola Bingo had two big winners in the last couple of weeks, with each member scooping substantial windfalls. The player known as “riff” from Staffordshire won a cool £6,694 when playing bingo 90 on Friday August 12th. The lucky player commented: “My head almost hit the ceiling, I jumped that high. My wife didn’t even believe me at first. We will be having a good Christmas this year.”

Then a few days later, the lady with the alias “prettypleased1940” from Surrey hit the jackpot, literally, by winning a colossal £15,585 when checking out those 90 ball bingo games. She said: “I had only just put in money and I think it was the first or second bingo game which game up with this great win. It takes quite a while to realize that you have won and when I actually saw the amount, I was nearly struck dumb. The money will help with a holiday and I will also give some to the family. If I can win, then so can anyone else.”

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