It seems that every other week, the bingo site of Tombola Bingo is dedicating a new online bingo promotion to promote one of their exclusive bingo games. Starting today, and for the next three days, you can play bingo 50 for the opportunity to win guaranteed full house prizes ranging from £50 up to £200.

Bingo 50 is played in only two rooms, the Apple and Strawberry chat rooms, and what distinguishes it from other bingo games is the fact the you can pop the bingo numbers yourself as they are called out on a specially designed bubble wrap bingo game. The cash prize at stake varies depending on the price you pay for each game. But all games playing from 8pm-10pm and running from August 10th until August 12th will have the following guaranteed prizes.

If you decide to buy tickets for the games that cost 25p each you could win the guaranteed Full House prize worth £50 while if you buy tickets for the games that cost 50p each you could end up winning the £100 Full House prize. Finally, the tickets that go for £1 each have a bigger guaranteed Full House prize worth a massive £200.

On the last Friday of last month, July 29th, the customer known to the rest of the Tombola Bingo roomies as “shellyart” from Rochdale won £1,000 while playing bingo 50. The elated customer was super excited and said: “I don’t think I will forget the number 34 as that was my lucky number on my jackpot win. I am planning to spend some of my winnings on a holiday.”

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