Nobody has ever accused the UK bingo giant that goes by the name of William Hill Bingo of not offering their players free online bingo games. Actually, all they do, all the time is give their players the chance to play bingo for free and win bingo bonuses in return. The latest, £1,000 Free Bingo Every Day promotion will play daily until Sunday August 21st.

There are two sets of free online bingo games that play first from 9am until 4pm and then from 5pm until midnight in the Bargain Basement bingo room. The first bunch of games will entertain players with £50 in must go jackpots while the second group of games feature £75 must go jackpots, for a total of £1,000 in free bingo bonuses given away every day. William Hill Bingo has added an extra twist to these games, not only are they paying the Full House, two line and one line winners, but they also have 1TG prize for those players that had 1 number to go before the Full House was called.

The £50 free games will split the prize as follows; one line £5, two lines £10, Full House £25 and 1TG £10 while the £75 games will share the prize pool as follows; one line £10, two lines £20, Full House £30 and 1TG £15. Remember that these games play every hour, on the hour and tickets are completely free of charge.

William Hill Bingo knows that everyone is looking for a good bargain, so they have slashed their ticket prices to half. The Sunday Summer Sale will see all the games that play every Sunday in the Bargain Basement room reduced to just 1p each, while every Wednesday, thanks to the Half Price – Full Prize promotion, players will still be able to play online bingo in the Community bingo room from 9am until midnight for their regular full prize bingo game at a cost of only 5p.

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