Multi-award winning online bingo site Tombola Bingo, continues to run their Happy Families card based game, rewarding their members who play this picture based game with prizes ranging from as little as £5 all the way up to £500. It is estimated that more than £20,000 are awarded every week to all Tombola Bingo members that take part in this very unique and fun pastime.

What is so attractive about the Happy Families game is the fact that members can play for free, Monday right through Sunday, just as long as they have wagered at least £2 during the previous week. Bonus money is excluded from the wagering requirements. The value of the prize depends on the number of faces each member matches, starting from 4 matches on the £5 cards for a £5 prize going up to a £500 prize when a member matches 10 faces. The board features 49 unique faces belonging to 1 of 7 families.

There are so many different ways for members at Tombola Bingo to win amazing prizes, and one of them includes the exclusive game of Cinco. The member known as “sam-mille” scooped the £10,000 Cinco Jackpot in late June and had this to say about her win: “I was so shocked when I won that I had to do a double take to make sure my balance said £10k. I am going to have a holiday and get a whole new wardrobe.”

In addition, the player with the alias “maw125” from Holyhead in Wales was absolutely stunned when she realized she won the £9,043 bingo 90 jackpot, commenting: “A very big thank you to Tombola for my jackpot win in 90’s. I was so shocked that I phoned my sister straightaway shouting that I’d won the jackpot.” She continued to say: “thank you to all the roomies for their kind words and good luck to all in the future. I have booked a holiday to Tenerife in the next few weeks, which I shall fully enjoy.”

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