There is no denying that the enduring stronghold the internet bingo site of Jackpotjoy Bingo has had in the online bingo industry, is primarily attributed to their extensive range of online bingo game and side games. But in recent times, the constant announcement of huge winners has attracted new customers that had previously snubbed this trusted UK bingo site.

“I am still in shock and over the moon with this great win” was the first reaction to come out of Miss Kimberley C’s mouth, who found herself with an amazing £10,000 cheque after playing the scratch card game of Gold Fever. This popular side game allows players to choose from six different scratch cards and has a top prize of £30,000. A sentimental Miss Kimberley C had this to say about her winnings: “I would have lots to do with it however it is all going towards helping my dad. He has cancer and is unable to keep up with payments and so it will all go towards helping him.”

The ever increasingly popular 75 ball bingo games ended up providing Mr. Alan B with a £10,414 windfall. With no less than half a dozen 75 ball bingo rooms, this customer was in awe of his great win as he commented: “I am very happy with the win and still in shock. Very nice surprise to have won both the jackpot and the game win.” With such an amazing cash prize win, when asked what he plans to do with his winnings he replied: “Looking forward to getting them in and then will be planning on what it will go onto. The winnings will make this easier and hopefully a nice holiday too.”

Finally, the biggest win of the week came courtesy of bingo 90 and went to the Jackpotjoy Bingo customer known as Miss Nicola J. The traditional UK variation of 90 ball bingo netted this lucky lady £17,890 and she was quick to say: “I can’t believe that I have won. I am still shaking.” Bingo 90 feature great value bingo games and are very easy to play for all new customers who decide to join Jackpotjoy Bingo. Miss Nicola J concluded by stating: “This has been my first win ever. I have no idea on what I will get this spent on as I am still in shock.”

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