If you haven’t yet heard about the new online bingo promotion of Cometh the Ton, well we are happy to inform you that every Friday in July, Bet365 Bingo will be holding some massive online bingo games with an amazing prize pool worth £3,500. This promotion will play on July 8th, July 15th, July 22nd and July 29th.

So here is how it works. The bingo games taking place in the Island Hopper bingo room from 7pm until 11pm will start with a Full House prize set at £400 and increase by £100 with every passing hour, resulting in an £800 Full House prize once the final game comes around at 11pm. Bet365 Bingo players can purchase their tickets for these games in advance as the full house winners will get to take home cash prizes worth £400, £500, £600, £700 and £800.

Today, Wednesday July 6th, the Guaranteed Big Money Games continue at Bet365 Bingo, with the 90 ball bingo games taking place in the Island Hopper bingo room from 7pm until 11pm. There are a total of five bingo games to be played with a total cash prize of £3,070 and will play as follows; at 7pm the prize is £450, at 8pm the prize is £600, at 9pm the prize is £640, at 10pm the prize is £680 and at 11pm the prize is £700.

There is more 90 ball bingo action every Monday with a total of £4,500 to play for, while the 75 ball action on Mondays and Wednesdays, which takes place in the Explorer bingo room, is giving away £1,200 in prizes. Finally, on Thursdays, between 8pm-11pm, on the hour, there will be £150 guaranteed jackpots while on the half hour mark there will be £75 fixed jackpot games.

Don’t forget that the 90 ball progressive bingo jackpot at Bet365 Bingo is once again back up for grabs, as it gradually gets easier to be won, since they are reducing the ball count number by one every day in July. Before, you had to call bingo in 29 numbers or less, now that numbers increases every day. With the jackpot sitting nicely at well over £100,000, why not give Bet365 Bingo a go.

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