For two week this June, Bet365 Bingo is running a Pick ‘n’ Mix Happy Hour bingo promotion that will see one of the best bingo sites in the UK offer a range of value online bingo games that will play in their Jetsetter bingo room. The first week started June 6th and will run until June 10th while the second week will commence on June 20th and conclude on Friday June 24th. The bingo games will start at 9pm and finish at 10pm.

This is what Bet365 Bingo has in store for you during that hour. There are two free online bingo games, at the top of the hour and the last game of the night with £15 cash prizes up for grabs. There are five different BOGOF games, two of the sessions are Buy One Get Two Free while another one is Buy One Get Three Free. The prize fund for each game is worth £10. During this hour you will also be able to play 1TG and 2TG games which means, that even if you are one number or even two numbers away when the Full House win is called, you still get to win a share of the £10 prize.

Moreover, every night during the Pick “n” Mix week, Bet365 Bingo is adding a Last Chance Saloon bingo game which will replace one of the existing games of the night, giving all members who have yet to win another chance to win by playing the Last Chance Saloon Scratch Card. This is an unbelievable array of bargain bingo games that will keep players who are on a shoe string very occupied for at least an hour.

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