While other people collect swizzle sticks as a hobby, online bingo players at Tasty Bingo will be able to play the £800 Swizzle Stick promotion this Sunday and every Sunday throughout June to win high street vouchers, cash and holiday coupons. Four different Sundays, four different games, one which happens to be a free online bingo game.

It all starts today, Sunday June 5th, as the online bingo game to be played at 8pm and with tickets costing just 1p each, will give away to the winner a £50 High Street Voucher. The first player to bingo on the Cosmopolitan pattern will be declared the winner. Then on Sunday, June 12th at 8pm, be the first to call bingo on the Mojito pattern to win a £100 cash prize, tickets will only set you back 2p each. Then on Sunday, June 19th and once again at 8pm, £200 worth of Argos Vouchers will go to the Tasty Bingo player to bingo on the Long Island Ice Tea pattern. Tickets are a very reasonable 3p each. For the three aforementioned bingo games, the maximum number of tickets each player can purchase is 96.

And to cap it all off, Tasty Bingo is giving their members who have funded their bingo account between June 20th and 26th the chance to participate in the free online bingo game which takes place on the last Sunday of the month, June 26th. Each eligible player will be given up to six tickets for free and the first one to bingo on the Pina Colada pattern will win holiday vouchers worth £450. Now that is a great way to kick start your summer, with a long deserving holiday break.

As you all know, once you have deposited a total of £30 at Tasty Bingo you are eligible for one of the following free gifts, either a Red, White or Rose bottle of wine, extra £10 in cash or a box of chocolates. Please note that as of this writing the option for a box of chocolates has been disabled because they are out of stock.

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