You can call it sign of the times or you can call it keeping up with the competition, either way, it’s excellent news for online bingo players looking to sign up and play bingo at William Hill Bingo. After having a pretty stagnant £25 free play, new player bingo bonus for well over a year, a new one week of free bingo has come to compliment their existing sign up bonus offer.

William Hill Bingo have opened a private bingo room called the Arrival’s Lounge which will open its doors exclusively to new players. Newbies will have access to this room for seven days to play free online bingo games that have a total prize fund north of £1,500. With fewer players to deal with, roomies will be able to get the true feel for the bingo games available at William Hill Bingo and with less competition, they stand a very good chance at winning a piece of the big prize fund.

Once a player has received their £25 Welcome Bonus, they will also receive an invitation to enter the Arrival’s Lounge. This bingo room opens every Friday for seven straight days between the hours of 10am-11am, 4pm-5pm, and from 7pm-8pm. Each of the bingo games have a £7 prize pot while the final game, at the top of each hour has a £10 prize pot. The winnings are paid into the winner’s bingo bonus account and can be wagered in any bingo room they wish. Once the Arrival’s Lounge is open, players will be able to see it the game lobby.

This coming Friday, May 6th, William Hill Bingo is giving their members the opportunity to boost their loyalty points for free. All they have to do is enter the bonus code WHMAY11 to the bonus code area that can be found in the bingo lobby and they will be automatically be credited with the extra points that can be redeemed for a bingo bonus or a game bonus. The number of points each player will receive depends on their current Bingo Club Level but it can range from 75 points up to 250 points if you happen to be a Top of the Shop member.

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