We’ve mentioned it many times before, the next big thing in the world of online bingo, after the no deposit bingo bonus, is the number of free online bingo games a site offers on a daily basis. Paddy Power Bingo have taken it a step further by adding a brand new dedicated free bingo room so their members can enjoy free bingo games. The room is aptly titled, the Superroom.

Paddy Power Bingo members can now enjoy more free online bingo between the hours of 7pm and 11pm every night, as for each game they will be given 36 free tickets. But, members are also given the chance to upgrade their free tickets for the chance to win a prize that is ten times higher than the regular one. What is so great about the upgrade is the fact that it will only cost players a penny per ticket. If you are playing with free tickets, the jackpot is not up for grabs.

Another new bingo room is the newly launched Paddy’s Fairground, which as the name suggests, levels the playing field to give everyone the same opportunity at winning. This bingo room which is open daily between 6pm and midnight, allows all players to buy the exact same number of tickets, which means everyone has a fair shot. Players can expect to find a mound of Even Stevens and Fair For All bingo games.

The last of the three new bingo rooms is called Lucky Numbers Bingo and features 90 ball bingo games and an Irish Theme. The fascinating feature of this bingo room is that the bingo games do not finish after the one line, two line and the Full House prizes are won. Paddy have added three extra jackpots that can be won if players match 1, 2 or 3 of their chosen lucky numbers which are picked before the start of each game. With ticket prices starting at 10p each, but with the jackpots going all the way up to £500, players will have a field time every day from 1pm-1am.

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