With the domestic football season now officially over, congratulations to Manchester United, footy fans have the Champions League final to look forward to this coming Saturday, May 28th. But on the same day, while millions of people around the world will be glued to their TV screens to watch Barcelona take on Manchester United, online bingo members at William Hill Bingo will have a thrilling time as well.

The UK bingo site that offers free online bingo games every Thursday between 9am until midnight, in their Community Room and their Bargain Basement room, will be hosting a massive Champions Bingo game with a total cash prize at stake worth £5,000. This bingo game will take place in the Main Room at 10:30pm, during half time of the big football match, with the one line winner getting a big £500 cash prize, the two line winner scooping an even bigger £1,500 cash prize and the Full House winner getting a mammoth £3,000 prize. Tickets can be pre-booked in advance prior to the start of the big bingo game, or alternatively, they can be purchased on the night.

At William Hill Bingo, their wide-ranging online slot progressive jackpot games are heating up, just like the weather, with the Big Top Tombola slot machine reaching an enormous £1,324.000, Bouncy Balls closing in on the one million mark at £946,047 and Hollywood Boulevard surpassing the £685,000 mark. The following three slot games have also gone beyond the half a million point; Marine Mayhem Mini, Pet Luck and Jungle Madness.

Take for example the player with the pseudonym Willialo7, who won a fantastic £16,708 while spinning the reels of the Mafia Millions slot game. This was not his first win, as he already fixed up his house from his previous winnings, and he plans to use this money for a nice trip to sunny Cyprus in a couple of weeks time.

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