With the Easter break now official out of the way, many online bingo sites are turning their attention to the next big holiday and that is none other than the May Day Bank Holiday which happens to be this coming Monday, May 2nd. Wink Bingo is always quick to announce their fantastic promotions and they have a big bingo game set up for May Day.

Wink Bingo had the same May Day bingo game last year, but this year they have decided to take it up a notch by doubling the prize pool to an astounding £2,000. This online bingo game will play on the traditional 90 ball bingo game variant which means there are three chances for each player to win. Each winner will get to take home a very sizeable prize, the one line winner will win £400, the two line winner will grab £600 while the Full House winner will seize the opportunity and take home a very cool £1,000 in cash. As always, if a line is won by more than one player the pot will be split evenly.

Wink Bingo is making this game affordable for all their members, so ticket prices have been set at 20p each. Players must purchase a minimum of 1 ticket while the maximum amount of tickets allowed is 96. Tickets can be pre-purchased now and the game can be accessed by clicking on the Prebuys tab from the Wink Bingo lobby. The game is scheduled to be played on Monday, May 2nd at 8:30pm.

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