The reason online bingo players just keep coming back to City Bingo is because they actually feel they stand a chance of winning the very elusive progressive bingo jackpots. That is exactly what happened to the very devoted City Bingo player that is well known across most chat rooms as Radcot1. The 90 ball progressive bingo jackpot at City Bingo has been growing rapidly over the last couple of weeks as more and more players tend to play the 90 ball online bingo games.

In order to win the 90 ball jackpot, also known as the Highrise, City Bingo players need to call bingo in 38 numbers or less. Radcot1, who won a celestial £1,800, was very excited to comment on their shocking win: “Hi, yes it was a bit of a shock to win, I’m putting the money to good use as I want to visit my daughter and son in law in Indiana. It will be the first time of meeting my son in law and first time in 3 years to see my daughter.”

City Bingo allows their members to win progressive jackpots by betting relatively small amounts of money, ranging from 5p to 50p. If nobody manages to win the jackpot, it is carried forward to the next game creating a rollover effect with a higher jackpot prize.

Another great way to win some cash prizes at City Bingo is to play their instant games as you will automatically take part in a competition that rewards the top three players based on the funds deposited on the instant games in question. The cash pot for the winner is worth £100, for the runner up £50 and for the third place player £25. The competition is running in conjunction with the daily £1,000 free bingo games and the Spa vouchers giveaway.

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