It wasn’t that long ago that we were raving about a the new online bingo room of Tasty Bingo, now this bingo site is turning one and in doing so they are adding some very festive online bingo games to their schedule in order to reward all their members for sticking around to their very lively bingo site.

The bingo games will start tomorrow, Friday March 4th with the £81 Cake Mix game playing at 8pm with tickets costing 2 pence each. Then on Saturday March 5th the £130 Sugar Coating bingo game will play at 8pm with tickets going for 2p each and then on Sunday March 6th, join Tasty Bingo for the big FREE online bingo game of £200 Cherry On Top playing at 8pm. For the free game, Tasty Bingo members will be able to get 6 free tickets only if they have deposited £5 between February 28th and March 6th. The maximum number of tickets allowed for the first two games is 48. All of these bingo games can be accessed in the special Tasty’s Birthday tab from the game lobby.

But it wouldn’t be a party without a Birthday Chat Party so Tasty Bingo is running some special chat games that will reward players with double chat points. The chat party will take place in the Cheers chat room on Saturday March 5th from 8pm until midnight and will only be accessible by players that have made a deposit at Tasty Bingo.

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