The other day, while at a friend’s house after dinner and during some wine tasting, we started talking about the very fashionable watercooler issue; online bingo games and who plays what at which bingo site. Things got a little heated when one of my friends Vanessa, a Media Manager at a top Advertising Agency in the City, started raving about her new favourite bingo site Bet365 Bingo. “I love their welcome bonus because I only deposited a fiver, tried my luck playing penny bingo games for hours and then when all was said and done they gave me the £25 free welcome bonus, which I have to say, I forgot all about since I was having so much fun talking to a player named Trevor in the Jetsetter chat room” she said in the very distinctive Mancunian accent.

Then, the only guy friend in our group that actually enjoys playing bingo online, Mark who is a Chartered Account, went on and on about how Sing Bingo has become his new online bingo hangout. Mark is one of those guys that has already tried most of the top online bingo sites at one point or another since he always likes to play the big guaranteed money games. “The reason I joined Sing Bingo to begin with was due to the £10 free no deposit required bonus that I heard Melanie talk about at work during lunch. But then I discovered their weekly Record Breaker £1,000 bingo game which had me hooked because it only cost 10 pence to enter” he said excited.

Carole, who was the hostess for the night and was back in the living room after putting the dishes in the dish washer is an avid Moon Bingo player, and even though she rarely wins and when she does is something like a few pounds, she quickly defended and told us why she loves Moon Bingo. “I started playing online bingo at Moon Bingo when I received an email telling me about the promotion on how I could win a new Polo Golf, even though I did win I did find the Chat Hosts and the rest of the Moonies very friendly so I decided to stay just for that.”

Ok, don’t get us wrong, we don’t always talk about online bingo when we meet up for dinner, it just happened.