If you have left it a bit late to book a romantic getaway for Valentine’s don’t worry, stay indoors and play online bingo at Tasty Bingo and win double joy points, delicious valentine’s chocolates and cash in their Luscious Love Chat Party. The party will start on Monday February 14th at 8pm for certain chat games, but other games will commence from Friday February 11th.

The Say It with Chocolate chat game will run from February 11th-14th and the two Tasty Bingo members to bingo the most on the Flower pattern and the letter V pattern overall will each win a lavish Valentine’s Chocolate set from Fortnum & Mason. The Total Eclipse of the Heart chat game will also run during the same dates and will reward the top three players to play bingo online and bingo the most on the Heart pattern with 10,000 joy points each.

The following chat games will only play on Valentine’s Day, February 14th. Between 8pm-9pm join your Tasty Bingo roomies in the Hot Chocolate room to guess the love song in this Tasty Music Hour. The Chat Host will play the first 10 seconds of a well known love song and the first player to give the correct answer will win 2,000 joy points. After that, between 9pm-10pm a love songs music trivia chat game will play and reward each correct answer with another 2,000 joy points. On Valentine’s Day the two players to wager the most on Love Lines and Doctor Love will each win a £25 cash prize.

The biggest online bingo game this Valentine’s Day at Tasty Bingo will be the £300 Hard Candy game that will play on Monday February 14th at 8pm. The first player to bingo on the Arrow pattern will win the prize which is a £300 Marks & Spencer voucher. Tickets cost 20 pence each and you can purchase up to 96 tickets to increase your chances of winning. Remember, you must be a funded bingo player to participate in this game.

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