I applaud the online bingo site of Tasty Bingo for taking into consideration their member’s current financial situation, especially after all the holidays, and for introducing their own little online bingo sale. One of the most popular bingo games at Tasty Bingo is the one called Hundreds and Thousands and plays on the last Friday of every month at 9pm. Tickets for this game usually go for £1 each, but now they only cost 10 pence. This game, otherwise only available to Tasty Bingo members that have a fat bingo account, will now be accessible to a lot more players. Good job Tasty Bingo.

You can now play this online bingo game for your chance to share the £1,100 guaranteed cash prize, with £1,000 going to the first member to cover the entire bingo pattern, and the other £100 going to all the players with one number to go. With ticket prices slashed dramatically, you can max out by buying 48 tickets. The winners of this game will have their bingo account credited immediately after the end of the game. We know a bargain when we see one, and this is it. This game is scheduled to play next on January 28th.

But how about you start your weekend action tonight at Tasty Bingo with the Friday Feast £200 bingo game that plays once a week at 8:30pm. The three winners, one line, two line and Full House will get to share the £200 prize fund and tickets for the game cost £1 each. The minimum number of tickets you have to purchase for this game is one, but you cannot purchase more than 48 tickets. The one line prize is £20, the two line prize is £30 and the Full House prize is £150. Keep in mind, that every other Wednesday, the £500 Tasty Treat bingo game plays at 9pm with the same conditions as the Friday Feast game. This time around the cash prizes worth a lot more, the 1 line winner will get £50, the 2 line winner will win £150 and the Full House winner will scoop a massive £300 cash prize.

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