Every online bingo room has a story to tell and Bet365 Bingo is no exception to this rule. Their story is very simple, great online bingo games with some monstrous cash prizes at stake. Do not kid yourself, Bet365 Bingo is the real deal, especially when it comes to bingo online.

At Bet365 Bingo, their Bingoheads, that is the nickname given to all Bet365 Bingo members, can play online bingo games in their Bingo Linx rooms on a daily basis for their chance to win £8,000 in guaranteed jackpots. The £8k prize fund is split into three very popular games that play daily and give you the chance to come away with a big fat cheque in no time. The first of the three games plays every day at 12noon and has a £1,500 cash prize, while the second one is at 6pm and has a bigger £2,500 cash prize. The biggest of the three plays once a day at 10:30pm and has a huge £4,000 guaranteed cash pot. To make things more interesting, once a month, on the last Sunday of the month which happens to be today, January 30th, Bet365 Bingo entertains all their bingo members to a massive £10,000 must go bingo game that plays at 10:30pm.

If you are looking for some bargain online bingo games they don’t get more attractive than those free online bingo games. Bet365 Bingo has free bingo games every day in the Ticket to Ride bingo room between 4pm-5pm while the Premier Lounge has more free bingo games playing daily between 10pm-11pm with £100 in prizes. To get an invite into the Premier Lounge room you must stake £5 or more on bingo tickets.

By playing the online bingo games, scratch cards and online slots at Bet365 Bingo you earn loyalty points. Those loyalty points can then be exchanged for cash or you can use the funds to play more Bet365 Bingo games. For every £10 you stake on bingo you get 6 points, £10 staked on scratch cards will earn you 2 points while £10 wagered on online slots and the rest of the games will get you 1 point. You can then swap 1,000 Loyalty Points for £10 in cash or 500 Loyalty Points for £5 to be used on any game you wish.

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