As 2010 swiftly comes to an end, Wink Bingo is hosting a Naughty PJ Party on Friday December 31st between 8pm and midnight in The Hangout bingo room where you can win some amazing double joy points, vouchers, champagne and more while you play bingo online. For all the following chat games you must have a funded bingo account and a minimum 1 bingo card in the bingo game in order to participate.

All the chat games playing during the online bingo games in The Hangout and The Strip bingo rooms between the hours of 8pm-9pm and 11pm-midnight will get you double joy points. At 8:30pm, while in The Hangout room, play Holly’s quiz game as five different riddles can each get you 3,000jps. The first Wink Bingo member to decipher the riddle wins the joy points. From 8pm onwards, look out for the Snowball chat graphic to show up, as soon as you see it make sure you shout Happy 2011 in order to claim an extra 1,000jps. Additionally, the first players to win the 75 ball and 90 ball bingo games of the New Year will each pocket a cool 2,000jps on top of the cash prize of the bingo game.

If you want to win a bottle of Rosé Veuve Clicquot Champagne then make sure you play any instant game at Wink Bingo on New Year’s Eve. The top two players to wager the most overall will each win a bottle of this sumptuous champagne. Finally, Wink Bingo is giving away surprise bingo bonus codes between 8pm-midnight in both The Strip and The Hangout rooms on New Year’s Eve. The amount is a secret, but you will be able to use it once just as long as you deposit anywhere between £20 and £100.

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