Well this is a first. We haven’t seen such an online bingo promotion before, but now that we heard about it, it was only logical to come out of the Tasty Bingo promotions factory. Get ready to enjoy a super formal three course sit down dinner, in the comfort of your own home, by your own professional chef.

The online bingo site of Tasty Bingo will let you invite up to ten guests for this delicious soiree worth £2,000. On top of the meal, the prize includes china, silverware, crockery and linen. Spicing things up will be the fact that your dinner will be served by professional butlers in the buff, you should expect top notch entertainment as well.

This saucy online bingo game will play at Tasty Bingo on Saturday January 1st 2011 at 9:45pm and the winner will be the first player to bingo on the Chef’s Hat pattern. Tasty Bingo couldn’t let those 1tg and 2tg players go empty handed, so the Tasty Bingo members with one number to go will share £150 while the members with two numbers to go will split £100. This way, most of you will leave with a smile on your face at the end of this online bingo game.

You can pre-buy your tickets for this game for £1 each, but why not enjoy the bingo games and instant games Tasty Bingo has to offer until Tuesday December 28th and earn Saucy Soiree Points. For every 500 points you earn, Tasty Bingo will reward you with 1 free ticket for this amazing £2,000 bingo game. You can earn points in one of the following ways:

Email James at Tasty Bingo your favourite recipe and get 250 points

Email James your ultimate dinner party guests and get another 100 points

Every time you play bingo online and win on the Full Champagne Glass, Doorbell or Happy New Year pattern you will get an additional 10 points

For every £1 wagered on bingo games you will get 5 points and finally

For every £20 wagered on any instant game you will get 2 more points.

After the bingo game is over, the £2k Saucy Soiree bingo room will stay open for an extra 2 hours so you can play bingo and enjoy all your favourite chat games with double chat points up for grabs. Playing at Tasty Bingo is becoming a tasty experience.

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