Tombola Bingo, the home of some very exclusive online bingo games, has added yet another new bingo game to its schedule, called Knock-Out Bingo. Knock-Out Bingo is online bingo in reverse, meaning if a number that can be found on your card is called, then you are knocked out. The last Tombola Bingo member standing wins the game.

For each of these bingo games you will get six tickets, which in a sense is like having six lives. Every time one of your numbers is called out that ticket will disappear in front of you, meaning your chances of getting eliminated increase dramatically. When you get down to your last ticket, things will get very tense, as once one of the numbers comes out on your last ticket is game over, you are out.

In a nice twist to these very exciting bingo games, once down to the last player, the Knock-Out Bingo game will continue giving that player the chance to win the Jackpot. In order to scoop the jackpot you must stay in the game for at least 45 calls. The graphics of this new boxing theme bingo game, only available at Tombola Bingo, are awesome as you get to hear the boxing ring, bell and chanting from the crowd.

There are four different priced bingo rings so you can choose based on your bingo budget. The Frazer/Haggler ring has tickets costing 25p and a jackpot worth £250, while the Tyson/Sugar Ray ring has 50p tickets and a £500 jackpot. The Lewis/Duran ring features £1 tickets and a big £1,000 jackpot and finally the Foreman/Herns ring will cost you £2 per ticket but the jackpot up for grabs is worth £2,000.

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