If you love to play online bingo but you are also a fan of Simply Red, the Manchester based group that had a string of hits including Money’s Too Tight (To Mention) in the 80’s and chart topping jazz anthems like Stars and Something Got Me Started, then the online bingo room of Sing Bingo has a fabulous prize that will make your day.

Playing tonight, Friday November 19th at 9pm, a very special online bingo game at Sing Bingo will give away to the winning player a Gold Disc signed by Simply Red. The player to win this prize will be the first Sing Bingo member to bingo on the coverall pattern. That means that in order to win, all the numbers on your ticket must be called out. Tickets for this bingo game cost 10 pence each and you can purchase no more than 96 tickets. By playing at Sing Bingo every Friday at 9pm, you can literally start winning and creating your own collection of music memorabilia.

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