The online bingo promotion of Mecca Moments at the bingo site of Mecca Bingo has now finished, but here are some of the comments from some of the very lucky Mecca Bingo members, illustrating once again, that all the bingo promotions taking place at this online bingo site are more than successful, they create fantastic memories for those who participate.

The online bingo player from Liverpool, that is known to her roomies as XRAGS_2_RICHESX, had this to say about her stunning £10,000 win: “I could feel my heart pounding at the back of my throat when I was waiting for my last number and all I could think was “Come on number 48!” XRAGS_2_RICHESX has always wanted to buy a car and thanks to Mecca Bingo her dream has come true. She recommends Mecca Bingo to everyone and went onto say that she would never go anywhere else as this is the best bingo site ever!

The player with the alias Littledud from the West Midlands was still in a state of shock when Mecca Bingo called up to congratulate her on her massive win: “My husband was watching the bingo game at the time but I just kept thinking that my numbers would never come up. When they did, I thought I had won £1,000 and was really shocked to find out it was £10,000!” Littledud hasn’t planned yet how she is going to spend her winnings, maybe a holiday next year. All she knows is that she is going to have a great Christmas this year!

Xfoggyx from Cheshire had to share the Mecca Moments daily £10,000 jackpot but he was still elated to win a £5,000 cash prize: “I was very excited! It’s all a big blur. Really, I couldn’t believe it! I was with my wife when my numbers came up. She was probably more excited than I was! We’ve just had our second child and we’re going to use the money to extend my wife’s maternity leave.”

Finally, Sminky50 said that this was her first big win at Mecca Bingo: “I have been a Mecca Bingo customer for years, and this is my biggest win ever. After work I usually get a cup of tea, read the news and have a few games of bingo to wind down. This time I didn’t watch the game, I just bought my tickets. I had just finished reading the news on the internet and was just about to log off and go to bed, but something made me click back on the Mecca game. I saw that I was waiting on number 83 and the next second the number came up and I had won! I couldn’t believe it! I told my other half and nodded his head. I have been saving up for a new car, and thought right there’s my new car!!!”

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