Not only does the online bingo site of Sing Bingo has the wow factor, but they now have the X Factor. The popular online bingo room has introduced two new bingo rooms that open every Saturday and Sunday during the X Factor TV show and will give you the chance to win guaranteed jackpots, iPods and play your favourite chat games.

The Sing Factor Panel is the new 90 ball bingo room and features £25 guaranteed online bingo games playing every ten minutes on Saturday and Sunday from 8pm. The prize also includes 1tg while tickets cost a mere 1 pence each. That is correct, these are your favourite penny bingo games. Additionally, you can play some really cool chat games that will reward you with thousands of Sing Points plus you might be one of the lucky Sing Bingo members to get one of the very special secret bonus codes.

The Sing Factor Shuffle is the new 75 ball bingo room and will open its doors right after the X Factor show finishes. Join this bingo room for your chance to win a brand new iPod Shuffle loaded with all the songs sung by the X Factor contestants that week. The bingo game will play once on Saturday and once on Sunday at 10pm with ticket prices going for 1p each. So make sure you join the rest of your Sing Bingo roomies to discuss the results of the X Factor and play some amazing bingo games that will cost you no more than a penny.

Don’t forget that tonight, Tuesday November 30th and every Tuesday at 9pm, you can take part in The Rehearsal online bingo game that has a guaranteed £750 cash prize. Playing on the 90 ball bingo variant, you can find this game in the Rehearsal room which will open at 8:45pm. Tickets for the game will set you back only 10p each and you can max out by purchasing 96 tickets.

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