With roughly a couple of weeks before the Bingo Bugle World Championship Cruise sets sail from Miami, Florida and with so many online bingo players winning cruise packages from the different online bingo rooms, Harry Christodoulou, Head of Marketing & Communications at Bingo Find, caught up with Dennis Conroy for a nice chat to discuss what bingo players can expect this year.

Harry Christodoulou: Hi Dennis, thanks for taking the time to squeeze us into your busy schedule.

Dennis Conroy: Hi Harry, always have time for my online friends.

HC: So, is everything ready for the $80,000 gaming cruise? Any last minute things to sort out before you welcome online bingo players from around the world?

DC: Just putting the finishing touches on as we speak, I think all bingo players will be very pleased with this year’s cruise and programs. You know last year alone we gave away a total of over $142,000 between tournament play and optional bingo. We welcome players from all over the planet.

HC: What can bingo players expect during the bingo tournament? How many sessions of bingo will you have and how long will they last?

DC: We will have our regular 3 session 20 game tourney, with optional bingo games thrown in the mix.

HC: Tell us a little bit about the Texas Hold’em Tournament and the Blackjack Tournament.

DC: Well as we have had in the past, there will be 3 winners in each of the casino tournaments and will all be played in the morning when it doesn’t interfere with any ports of call or Tournament Bingo sessions. Our players look forward to these casino tourneys and they all enjoy a wonderful time.

HC: What sort of response did you have this year from online bingo operators? How many bingo players are you expecting to join you on this gaming cruise?

DC: We had a nice response from the online world, quite a few online bingo sites are running a contest and the top prize is a cruise for 2, not bad. We are taking a total of 360 players this year. A few less than last year but we are still guaranteeing $80,000 in cash and prizes for tournament play as we have for the past 22 consecutive years.

HC: I know a couple of weeks you mentioned that you were already planning next year’s cruise. Can you divulge any information or too early to tell?

DC: Now that we are this close I will let the cat out of the bag Harry, we are going where no bingo player has gone before. We are off to Aruba in 2011 along with Turks & Caico, the Dominican Republic and Catalina Island. I‘ve been holding back on this info so to get it perfect and we did! Leaving November 10, 2011 from Ft Lauderdale, Florida on the magnificent ship the Miracle, we are excited to have such a great Itinerary for an 8 day Southern Caribbean cruise. We have never been to these ports before so the bingo players should be very happy as well!

HC: Thanks for your time Dennis, it’s been a pleasure.

DC: Harry, maybe it’s time you join us again, we would love to have you on board.