The notorious online bingo room that offers bingo players the chance to buy cheap bingo tickets and win big cash prizes is doing it yet again. Wink Bingo has launched what you’ve been asking for, a wicked online bingo penny game that will award the winner with a £550 cash prize. Yes, that’s right, a single penny can take you a long way if you win this upcoming bingo game.

The game is still a couple of weeks away, it will play on Saturday October 2nd at 9:45pm, with the 1 line winner taking home £100, the two line winner scooping a £200 prize and the Full House winner seizing the big one, a £250 cash prize. For those of you out there who are used to playing more expensive bingo games this might not sound the most attractive game but taking into account that tickets cost 1 penny then the prize up for grabs is absolutely stunning.

In case the game is won by more than one Wink Bingo member then the prize value will be spit and the cash prize will be added into your account as soon as the game is over. This bingo game is open only to players with a funded bingo account, so if you only have a free bonus into your account make sure you deposit in advance so you don’t miss out and you can buy up to 96 tickets.

Also, don’t miss tonight, Thursday September 16th the Thursday £500 guaranteed jackpot game playing at 9pm on 10p cards while you can also use the bonus code BIGBONUS to claim a 75% bonus on one of your deposits between £10 and £100. The bonus code is valid all day but can only be used once.

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