It’s still very hard to believe that online bingo site Tasty Bingo was only launched less than 6 months ago considering the online bingo games and other promotions they have on their schedule. Now, two new and delicious offerings make Tasty Bingo the perfect candidate for fan’s favourite pastime.

You can now participate in free online bingo games playing daily across different bingo rooms and win in excess of £5,000 in bonus funds. Every day you can win £150 while on Fridays you can walk away with £350 as follows: the Freshly Baked room has £50 jackpot games at 10pm and the Free100 room has £100 jackpots at 7pm. Both games play daily with minimum 1 card and maximum 6 cards. Tickets are absolutely free.

On Fridays there’s two extra jackpot games playing once in the Free150 room with the £150 jackpot game playing at 8:45pm and the other one playing in the Free200 room with a £200 jackpot game taking place at 10:15pm. If your hunger for free online bingo games is big, Tasty Bingo will surely satisfy your every need.

The Truffle Tray is the new Cashback Scheme introduced by Tasty Bingo so all their regular players can get the chance to earn up to £150 in Cashback every single week. For every £1 wagered on bingo you get 1 point and for £1 wagered on instant games you will get 1 point. If you accumulate between 20-99 points during the week you get 1 Truffle meaning you are entitled to 2% cashback, earn between 100-499 points and get 2 Truffles for a 4% cashback while 500 points and over will get you 3 Truffles and 6% worth of cashback. Cashback is calculated from the previous Friday – Thursday inclusive and will be paid once a week every Friday. The maximum cashback amount you can earn is £150.

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