In both Polo Bingo and Wink Bingo, capitals of online bingo entertainment, their members are currently talking about one thing and the consensus is the same. The 75 ball progressive bingo jackpots are growing fast as players from other bingo sites are coming over in the hope of hitting one of the biggest jackpots ever seen in either of these two bingo rooms. What is even more interesting is the fact that even though the sites cater predominantly to UK bingo players that favour 90 ball bingo games over 75 ball bingo, it’s the 75 ball bingo jackpot that seems to be reaching new heights.

The 75 ball bingo jackpot at Polo Bingo is named after a great phrase taken from the Jerry Maguire movie when Cuba Gooding Jr. tests Tom Cruise’s resolve through a telephone conversation that results in the now very famed Show Me the Money scene. We don’t remember the last time this progressive jackpot was hit but it must have been months ago as it currently stands at a whopping £9,168.46. The jackpot can be scooped daily in any of the 75 ball rooms at 7:15pm, 8:15pm, 9:15pm, 10:15pm and 11:15pm.

At Wink Bingo, the 75 ball bingo jackpot is simply named MoneyBall and plays 3 times every hour in The Hangout room from 7pm until midnight, at 15, 30 and 45 minutes past the hour, and randomly throughout the day. To win this jackpot you must bingo on the special MoneyBall pattern, which has 12 slots to daub, in 34 balls or less. If you are unlucky to bingo in 35 balls and over you still get to win the jackpot of that specific bingo game. When the jackpot is hijacked it resets and starts from £250. It currently stands at a jaw-dropping £11,585.49. Play at either bingo room now and make some of your dreams a reality.