It was a must play online bingo game, not just for 888Ladies Bingo players but for many bingo players from other sites as well. Now, after an extended stay on the 888Ladies bingo schedule the time has come to say goodbye to one of the most popular bingo games around, the monthly £8,888 guaranteed jackpot game. We don’t really know the reasons behind the removal of this game but it holds very fond memories, not because of its big cash prize but also for the way it was nicely associated with the 888Ladies Bingo brand as well.

The last version of this notorious online bingo game will play on Friday, September 24th at 10pm and in order to celebrate the end of an era, 888Ladies are running some special promotions. Until the 24th of the month, an 888Ladies roomie who buys at least 5 tickets for the jackpot game will be entered into a prize draw to get their money back. On top of that, members at 888Ladies who max out on this game by midnight September 23rd, meaning they buy the maximum 48 tickets, will receive a bonus code that will reward them with a 100% deposit bonus. If you are a gold lady you will receive a bigger 110% deposit bonus code. Tickets for this game go for £1 each, but since this is farewell we suggest you load up your cards and who knows, you might have the distinction of being the last winner of the guaranteed £8,888 game.

If you are devastated reading this news, well, don’t be. 888Ladies Bingo will have a brand new bingo schedule that will include weekly jackpots with 30% more guaranteed winnings. The new schedule should be released early next week and if the past is any indication, we are confident that 888Ladies will come up with some super exciting to compensate for the £8,888 jackpot game.

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