A mother of two from Leeds in the UK, who’s been a very loyal online bingo player at Mecca Bingo, has struck gold by playing the Jungle Madness online slot game this past week after winning a fantastic £53,714 progressive jackpot.

The player known to her roomies as Dudderbear went on to say what prompted her to join the online bingo room of Mecca Bingo and what she likes about it: “I saw something in my local Mecca club, Crossgates in Leeds about a year ago promoting Meccabingo.com so I signed up online and immediately loved it! I don’t like other online bingo sites; they are nowhere near as good! Mecca is very easy to use and the CMs are the best around! I love the chat in the rooms, it’s a great laugh! My online buddies all think I’m a little crazy!

She excitedly had this to say about her big win and what she plans to do with her winnings: “When my win came up on the screen my mouth just dropped open! I ran and told my mum but she didn’t believe me! My mum has a broken leg so she couldn’t jump around the room with me! She was my calm influence. I then told my kids. My husband is not home from work until the weekend so he doesn’t know yet. I think I will buy myself the car I have had my eye on and I would love to take a holiday.”

As you can see Mecca Bingo is more than just great online bingo games so next time you wait for your favourite bingo game to start why not spin the reels from one of the many online slot machines that are available at Mecca Bingo and you too could be jumping up and down from joy, mega joy!

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