With so many online bingo promotions on its release calendar it’s no wonder that Tasty Bingo players feel a bit overwhelmed. But don’t worry, we are here to point you towards all those great online bingo promos at Tasty Bingo that will award you with more bonus points that can be used to buy even more bingo tickets.

Play bingo online daily in the Cheers Room and win Double Chat Points. Between 5pm-6pm the points get doubled thanks to Double Shot while from 11pm-12am you can place your Last Orders to get another dose of double points. All bonus points will be credited into your account by the friendly chat hosts at the end of each game.

A star-studded online bingo event is taking place at Tasty Bingo with all of you, the Tasty Bingo players acting as the guests of honour in Team Bingo. The concept of this promotion is very simple. Every two weeks you are randomly allocated into a team of four as you vie for your share of thousands of Bonus Points. All you have to do is play as much 90 ball online bingo games as possible to be in with a chance of winning big. Bear in mind that only Full House patterns count towards your team’s score between 8am until 11pm. In case there’s a tie between teams fighting for first place the team that bingos the most on the letter T pattern will be declared the winning team. Each promotion lasts for two weeks and at the end of the period you will be allocated a new team, have your scores reset to zero and start the game all over again.

The top ten teams will share bonus points as follows:

First Place: Total of 60,000bps, 15,000bps per team member

Second Place: Total of 50,000bps, 12,500bps per team member

Third Place: Total of 25,000bps, 6,250bps per team member

Fourth Place: Total of 20,000bps, 5,000bps per team member

Fifth-Tenth Place: Total of 6,000bps, 1,500bps per team member

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