Do you love online bingo with a passion? Then you will fall madly in love with Chit Chat Bingo and its brand new £10k Guaranteed Monster Bingo. Chit Chat Bingo, which is powered by the St Minver bingo software, is looking to play bingo online with the big boys and this new bingo game should certainly do the trick.

This fierce online bingo game plays once a month, the last Wednesday of each month, so get ready as tomorrow, August 25th is the next time this game is scheduled to play in the Bingo Lounge room at 9pm. What is very interesting here is that unlike many other big guaranteed bingo games across other bingo sites, this one will play on a 75 ball bingo game and each line has a guaranteed prize.

The lucky players to call 1 line, 2 lines and 3 lines will each take home £1,000 while the person to win 4 lines will rake in £2,000. The Coverall winner, also known as the Full House winner, will take home the biggest piece of the pie worth £5,000. The way Chit Chat Bingo has set up the game, again unlike some of their counterparts, allows for more players to win meaning more players will leave Chit Chat Bingo with a smile on their face.

Tickets for the game cost a reasonable £1 each considering what’s at stake and you can maximize your chances of winning by purchasing up to 60 tickets. The next Monster Online Bingo game is scheduled for September 29th.

Today, August 24th, don’t miss the chance to play at Chit Chat Bingo as it has 12 hours of free online bingo games playing from 10am-10pm in the Free Bingo room. There will be 9 free games per hour and you can win £5 per game. If you have a real money account then the prize will be credited into your account as cash, if you have yet to make a deposit then the prize will be credited as a bonus. So don’t waste any more time, fund your bingo account today and get a 100% First Deposit Bonus up to a cool £125.

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