Polo Bingo, the recently launched online bingo room, has just announced their brand new online bingo promotion that will see one very fortunate bingo player win a £10,000 Volkswagen Polo car. The Polo car game is a joint Polo Bingo and Moon Bingo game and there will be only one winner.

Tickets for this game cost £2 each but all new players will receive two tickets worth £4 absolutely free just by opening a Polo Bingo account, no deposit is necessary. A player can earn up to a maximum 7 free tickets and the total number of tickets a player can have for this game cannot exceed 96. So if you are dreaming of getting a brand new automobile, make sure you get max tickets so you can maximize your chances of driving away in a brand new VW Polo S, 5 door A/C basic. In case of more than one winner during the game, the prize value of the car will be divided equally between the winners. On top of the car that will go to the winner of the game there will be a 2nd prize worth £500 and a 3rd prize worth £300.

The game is set for September 30th 2010, at 10pm so you have plenty of time to try and get your hands on as many tickets as possible.

This weekend, play bingo online at Polo Bingo and enjoy some of their amazing bingo games including the Gold Rush £1,000 Coverall game playing tonight once at 9pm and once 10pm and then tomorrow why don’t you try winning the £500 guaranteed Saturday Fever bingo game that will take place at 9:30pm.

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Enjoy Polo Bingo