If you are wondering which online bingo room is giving more than £55,000 in guaranteed online bingo games this month and your guess is Titan Bingo then you are spot on. With £100, £200 and £500 guaranteed online bingo games playing every hour of every day then you should definitely give Titan Bingo a try.

The £100 guaranteed games play seven times a day from 1pm until 6pm at the top of the hour with a total prize fund for the entire month being £21,700. The £200 guaranteed games play five times a day again at the top of the hour from 7pm until midnight but excluding 9pm. The £200 games will be awarding players a total of £31,000 throughout July. At 9pm you can play the £500 guaranteed bingo game which will be available until July 15th.

All these games are linked and play in the Barmy Club, Royal Court, Velvet Lounge and Le Rendezvous bingo rooms so no matter which is your preferred bingo room you can still play these fantastic bingo games which can be pre-booked right now.

If you have your eye on the Royal Crown jackpot, now Titan Bingo are giving you the chance to win it by playing the Royal Flush Games at 6:30pm, 8:30pm and 10:30pm in the Royal Court bingo room. Each game has at least a £30 cash prize, divided into £5/£10/£15, and the Royal Crown jackpot up for grabs.

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