You could very well argue that online bingo phenom, Tasty Bingo, is making life extremely difficult for the rest of the online bingo competition if their new bingo promotions are any indication of what’s to come in the future.

The £2 Mil Thrill is high octane online bingo action that could change your life forever. This brand new online bingo game plays at Tasty Bingo every other Saturday at 9pm and can be found under the Specials Tab. What’s at stake? Well, as suggested by the name, £2 Million pounds can be yours if you win this bingo game in 40 calls or less. Simple but brilliant. This is a sliding jackpot bingo game and will see the jackpot amount reduced with each numbered called. You can purchase up to 36 tickets for this game with each one costing £1 but with a minimum cash prize of £150 for the taking it is well worth loading up your cards to the maximum.

Another new bingo promotion to come out of this tasty bingo site is their £50 Saturday Night Takeaway game that plays on 2p cards. So, stay indoors on a Saturday night and whether you are going for Italian, Indian or Chinese food, the bill will only cost you 2p. This is a weekly game that plays every Saturday at 7pm and the winner is the player to bingo first on the S Pattern. You can buy up to 96 tickets for this game but note that you must be a funded bingo player in order to take part. The cash prize will be credited instantly into your account and in case there is more than one winner, the prize will be shared evenly.

With the £2k Summer Holiday promotion now over, Tasty Bingo are replacing it with the £2k Tasty Dream promotion that is scheduled to play October 3rd at 7pm. The prize fund will be split as follows, £1,500 go to the winner and the other £500 will be shared between 1TGs. You can pre-buy your cards for this game now for £1 each or alternatively you can collect Tasty Points that will reward you with free cards. For every 500 Tasty Points collected you earn 1 bingo card for the Tasty Dream game. Points can be accumulated as follows:

Email your story on how you plan to spend the £2k. The funnier, the better. This will get you 50 points.

Bingo on the Star and Letter D patterns and earn another 5 points.

Every £1 wagered across the bingo games will get you 2 points and

Every £20 wagered on any instant game will earn you another 1 point.

The competition for points accrual will end September 26th so start playing at Tasty Bingo so you can collect as many free bingo cards as possible. After that you can buy the rest so you can get the maximum for this game which is 72 cards.

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